Join the library – it’s free

If you live, work or study in County Durham and are not already a library member, you can join the library. It’s free to join the library and to use our public access computers and the internet. Although most of our other facilities are free, some do incur charges.

To join in person:

Visit any of Durham County Council's libraries.

After providing basic details (name, address, etc) you will become an interim member of the library.  You will be able to use all of the library's facilities, but will only be able to borrow a small number of items.

To become a full member of the library you will need to produce one form of identification e.g.

  • Rent book
  • Driving licence
  • Benefit book
  • Gas bill
  • Electricity bill

Please remember it must contain both your name and current address.

For Under 18s:

If appropriate ID is not available (e.g. bus pass), a parent/carer can inform library staff that they want the child/young person to have full membership immediately. (Under 18s will have a letter sent to parents/carers requesting authorisation).

To join online:

We will ask you to enter your personal details (name, address, etc) and to choose your home library so that we can register your details. Once you have joined and collected your ticket you will be able to use any of the 40 libraries in County Durham.

Click here to view the Library Byelaws and the Terms and Conditions